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BLMA Buddies

Program Overview

The Department of Black and Latino Male Achievement for Milwaukee Public Schools is excited to provide 4th and 5th grade Black and Latino young men. The program is designed to work with 4th/5th grade male students of color to promote Black and Latino male mentorship and leadership through the use of three of our twelve guiding principles:

  • Brotherhood: emphasizing the “village” concept, where Milwaukee’s Black and Latino men nobly, strategically, and collectively triumph over structural racism through mentorship and alliance

  • Community: celebrating Black and Latino traditions of cooperation, justice, protection, and support; publicly recognizing achievements in service and responsibility

  • Love: forging mutually healthy relationships, including relationships with women, individuals who are gender nonconforming, and people who identify as LGBTQ, while embracing conflict resolution and bias reduction. 

Celebrating Buddies at our BLMA Partner Elementary Schools


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Phone: 414-777-7863

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Please follow the link to donate to BLMA and select "Black and Latino Male Achievement" from the dropdown menu

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If you want BLMA Buddies at your school, please fill out our BLMA Request Form

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