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Positive Narrative Change Campaign

The Department of Black & Latino Male Achievement was launched in the fall of 2017. The department works to specifically address the glaring disparities in academic and life outcomes for young men and boys of color, and implement programs that improve their lives and outcomes.

Our vision is that Black & Latino boys and young men will possess an affirmed sense of identity, dignity, and self-confidence, and will have the necessary tools to triumphantly navigate college, career, and life. We are committed to ensure that our Black and Latino boys are being supported and lifted to reach their fullest potential and excellence. We believe all Black and Latino boys are capable of academic success and will achieve at a high level of excellence.

One of the key strategies for the department is to re-imagine Black and Latino boys within the school district. Our objective is to ensure that they are seen as assets that bring brilliance, creativity, and greatness to the Milwaukee community, which should not be overlooked or underappreciated. We believe that by seeing our boys and young men as assets, and treating them with full-inherent human dignity, it will broaden perspectives and show people how they embody what it means to be great, and to seek greatness.


Launched in 2014, #SeeMeBecause is Art Start's campaign to start a dialogue about what it means to be seen. In 2018 and 2019, the campaign highlighted Black and Latino young men within Milwaukee Public Schools and how they ask to be seen.

#SeeMeBecause - Amir D.

#SeeMeBecause - Davon

#SeeMeBecause - Dejon

#SeeMeBecause - Desmond

#SeeMeBecause - Devonta

#SeeMeBecause - Javon

#SeeMeBecause - Latrelle

#SeeMeBecause - Rene

#SeeMeBecause - JahNair

#SeeMeBecause - Mario

#SeeMeBecause - Richard

#SeeMeBecause - Amir M.

#SeeMeBecause - Demarcus

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