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Black and Latino Male Achievement


Information for MAM Teen Night Reception.

Postcard of Greg.

Postcard of Misael.

UWM Black Male Achievement Summit Flyer.SAVE THE DATES

WHEN & WHERE: Monday, March 16, 2020 (Middle School) & Tuesday, March 17, 2020 (High School) from 08:30 AM-02:30 PM @ University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Union (2200 E. Kenwood Blvd. Milwaukee, WI. 53211).


The UW-Milwaukee African American Male Initiative (AAMI) invites you to submit a proposal for the 7th Annual Black Male Achievement Summit. We are seeking engaging and interactive workshop presenters to share effective, evidence-based practices for Black males. The last day to submit a proposal is Friday, December 13, 2019. Get started on submitting your workshop proposal using the following link:

David Polk, Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, and Joshua Johnson.CURRENT NEWS

Special thanks to David Polk (MATC Apprenticeship Director) and Joshua Johnson (Chief of Field Operation for the Bureau of Apprenticeship Standard) for collaborating with our department for the National Apprenticeship Week Celebration at Milwaukee Area Technical College. In addition, special thanks to Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes for reinforcing the importance of the trades and the career advancement opportunities for these professions.

BLMA Twelve Guiding Principles: Spanish Version.MISSION STATEMENT

The Mission of the Department of Black & Latino Male Achievement will collaboratively create the systems, structures, and spaces that guarantee success for all Black and Latino boys and young men in Milwaukee Public Schools.  


BLMA Vision is that Black & Latino boys and young men will possess an affirmed sense of identity, dignity and self-confidence, and will have the necessary tools to triumphantly navigate college, career and life.


Connect with local and national initiative to implement best practices for:

  • Black and Latino Male Mentorship.
  • Improve School Culture through Dignity, Equitable Practices, and Capacity Building.
  • Manhood Development Academies.
  • Positive Narrative Change Campaign.
  • Recruit Black and Latino Male Teachers.
  • Use School and District Data to Improve Academic and Life Outcomes.

12 Guiding Principles StatementDEPARTMENT KEY MESSAGES

  • Black and Latino male students are assets to our schools and commnity.
  • Black and Latino male students are always the center of our work.
  • Black and Latino male students are not broken, the system is.
  • BLMA is not a savior, but a partner in improving academic and life outcomes for Black and Latino male students.
  • BLMA is a hub between work happening at the city, state, and national level.
  • BLMA aims to collaborate with both internal external stakeholders.

Mentors and mentees gather for a solidarity photo outside the Fiserv Forum.

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