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Black and Latino Male Achievement


Milwaukee Public Schools recognizes that Black and Latino boys and young men face unique challenges in school, career, and life. The Department of Black and Latino Male Achievement (BLMA) was established in 2017 and focuses on supports specifically tailored to increase success for Black and Latino males in MPS.

The important work of uplifting Black and Latino young men in MPS is grounded in three areas.

  • Improving culture, climate, and communication in MPS schools
  • Writing a positive narrative of our students’ successes and accomplishments
  • Connecting young men to teachers, mentors, and leaders with shared backgrounds who have achieved personal triumphs


The Department of Black & Latino Male Achievement collaboratively works to improve the outcomes of Black and Latino male students within Milwaukee Public Schools by challenging systems, structures, and spaces of oppression, and seeks to create conditions that promote greater success.


Black and Latino boys and young men will possess an affirmed sense of identity, dignity, and self-confidence, and will have the necessary tools to triumphantly navigate K–12, college, career, and life.

BLMA's 2nd Annual Mental Health Symposium for Men of Color

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