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Restorative Practices

Within MPS, restorative practices is a framework that emphasizes the value of relationships and repairing harm to build and sustain a positive learning and working space for students and adults districtwide. The restorative practices continuum honors cultures/identities, values shared agreements, builds community, engages students, uses restorative circles, and fosters responsive circles.



We are dedicated to dismantling educational systems and structures that oppress by transforming school culture using a continuum of restorative practices. Restorative Practices intentionally build inclusive communities founded on collective values. By using these practices we will balance our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs, connect student's lived experience to academic content, repair relationships, restore community and heal from harm.


We envision a liberated educational community where everyone is celebrated for who they are, feels a strong sense of connection and belonging and uses conflict and discomfort as an opportunity to strengthen the community.


We center relationships, dignity, justice, trust and healing in schools.


Restorative Practices Director:

Leon Groce
Phone: 414-252-0221

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