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Leadership Development

leadership developmentAt Milwaukee Public Schools we believe that leadership is a key to student achievement.  Research indicates that building leadership is second only to classroom instruction when it comes to impact on student achievement.  To drive the development of strong leaders, strong schools, and ultimately student achievement, MPS is aggressively investing in the development of our current and future leaders.  Through the Office of School Administration, a number of programs have been created that cultivate the leaders of tomorrow and expand the leadership skills of current administrators.

Leadership Pathways


Aspiring Leaders:

The Aspiring Leaders program focuses on providing hands-on training and preparing high potential teachers for the assistant principalship.

  • 10-month (one school year) program
  • Monthly cohort meetings
  • Two field experiences (one each semester)
  • Successful participants are given strong consideration when assistant principal positions or temporary assignments need to be filled

Emerging Leaders:

Emerging Leaders is a training program that prepares high potential assistant principals for the principalship in MPS. 

  • 10-month (one school year) program
  • Monthly cohort meetings
  • One field experience
  • Successful participants are given strong consideration when principals positions or temporary assignments needs to be filled

Leadership Development and Support for Administrators



New Principal and New Assistant Principal Academies:

Newly-appointed principals and assistant principals receive targeted support to guide them through their first year.

Activities engaged in during the academies focus on:

  • Instructional Leadership
  • Climate
  • Culture

Continuing Principal and Assistant Principal Academies:

These academies focus on providing extended support to principals and assistant principals in their second year.  The purpose of these academies is to:

  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • Build collegiality among administrators
  • Provide in depth professional development in the areas of school climate and culture

Administrative Coaching and Mentoring Program

All newly-appointed principals and assistant principals are provided coaching and mentoring services during their first two year. 

  • With the support of the coach, the new principal/assistant principal will develop performance goals and action plans

  • Coaching sessions are confidential and meant to support the new principal/assistant principal in their new leadership role

Dean of Students Academy

This academy is for newly-appointed Deans of Students.  In this academy the Deans of Students receive support in understanding their role in the school building.  The work in the academy focuses on building positive school climate and culture.

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