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Office of School Administration

Office of School Administration

School AdministrationChief School Administration Officer: Katrice Cotton, Ed.D.
Office Main Phone:  414-475-8016

The Office of School Administration promotes safe and secure learning and working environments for students and school based staff.  Specifically, the office provides oversight, operational support and supervision, intervention strategies and accountability systems to schools and school leaders.  The systems of support have been created to ensure that all students in MPS have a safe and supportive learning environment and receive effective instruction that supports high achievement.  Additionally, the office responds to school emergencies as they arise and handles all school safety matters. 

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The Office of School Administration provides support, supervision, intervention strategies and accountability systems to schools and school leaders so students in all MPS schools have a safe, supportive learning environment and receive effective instruction that supports high student achievement.  The work done by this office focuses on four critical areas: culture & climate, effective & efficient school operations, leadership development, and community engagement.  Below is the office's service model.




The Office of School Administration is comprised of the following departments: Contracted School Services, School Safety & Security, School Services, and Student Services.  Each department works collaboratively together to provide necessary supports and resources to schools and school leaders in order to create optimal learning opportunities for all students.

Business and Transportation Services

  • Senior Director:
  • David Fifarek
  • Phone: 414-475-8922
  •  Fax: 414-475-8113

The Department of Business & Transportation Services provides timely printing for schools and departments, daily sorting and distribution of mail, and safe, reliable, responsive and efficient transportation services, with students as our central focus. The department's contracted buses provide transportation services for approximately 45,000 MPS students every day travel more than 15 million miles annually.

Facilities and Maintenance

  • Senior Director: Sean Kane
  • Phone: 414-283-4600
  • Fax: 414-283-4682

The Department of Facilities & Maintenance is responsible for maintaining the buildings and grounds of Milwaukee Public Schools. Its mission: To provide a safe, clean and well ‐ maintained environment that promotes learning. The department aims to maximize the use and efficiency of district facilities by providing timely and cost ‐ effective repair and maintenance. At the same time, the department strives to ensure that school buildings and grounds are clean, safe, sanitary and comfortable. The department also is charged with managing contracts and regulatory ‐ compliance requirements, based on district standards.

School Safety & Security

  • Director:
  • Dr. Shannon Jones
  • Phone: 414-345-6637
  • Fax: 414-345-6609
  • Email:
  • Location: School Safety and Milwaukee Public Schools Building Operations Service Center

The Department of School Safety & Security promotes safe and secure learning and working environments by providing well-trained and effective school safety and security personnel. This department responds to school emergencies, addresses safety issues as they arise in schools or in the community and conducts scans in schools.

School Services

  • Phone: 414-475-8016
  • Fax:
  • Email: 
  • Location: Central Services, Room 204

The Department of School Services, through the work of the Regional Superintendents and the School Operational Managers, ensures supervision and accountability for increased achievement, efficient school operations and meaningful family and community engagement in all schools within the four geographic and high school regions of MPS.  Additionally, the Department of School Services is responsible for grooming future school based leaders and building leadership capacity among current school based leaders.

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Regional Superintendents: Dr. Carletta Noland, Central Region, Dr. Toni Dinkins, Northwest Region, Miguel Sanchez, East Region, Eduardo Galvan, Southwest Region,  Dr. Jennifer Smith, High School Region.

Instructional Leadership Directors:  Felice Beal, East Region, Maurice Turner, Northwest Region, Dr. Jeremiah Holiday, Central Region, Gregory Ogunbowale, High School Region, Dr. Jan Gamblin, Southwest Region.

Special Services Regional Managers:  Barbara Barnes, Central Region, Bryan Banasik, East Region, Afrika Hughes, Northwest Region, Cheryl Moseley, Southwest Region, Mary Spidell and Irene Borenstein, High School Region, Teresa Wozniak, Contracted Schools, Irene Borenstein, Afrika Hughes, Barbara Barnes, Bryan Bansik, Mary Spidell, Citywide Region.

Student Services

  • Senior Director:
  • Matthew Boswell
  • Phone: 414-475-8448
  • Fax: 414-475-8626

The Department of Student Services manages the enrollment and assignment process of students to schools during the three choice, early admission and the Open Enrollment processes. This department also manages the Pupil Database Services that includes student information and implements the district student discipline process.

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