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District Water Test Results

The safety of our students, staff and visitors is a top priority for Milwaukee Public Schools. For that reason, the district made the decision – with technical support from the City of Milwaukee Health Department – to test the drinking water in our buildings.

MPS is not required by state or federal law to test drinking water; we are doing this solely as a precaution and to make sure our families and community have confidence in the safety of drinking water in MPS schools.

Nearly 12,000 samples were tested by independent, state-certified laboratories starting in June 2016. Results found that 94% of the over 3,000 water fountains tested met Environmental Protection Agency standards. Fixtures that did not meet standards were immediately turned off.

As an extra precaution, MPS is taking the extra step of replacing all of those fixtures that do not meet standards – though federal rules do not require replacement. After the new fixtures are installed, we will test those drinking sources again before turning them on for student and staff use.

MPS is being completely transparent and releasing the results of every single test that was conducted. The information can be found on this website by school. Please click here to access the database in English.

For more information on ways you can reduce lead in your home drinking water, please visit the City of Milwaukee Health Department’s website at

You can also visit the EPA’s website or call the hotline at 1-800-426-4761.

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