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Master Plan Presentation

Milwaukee Public Schools currently manages approximately 17.3 million square feet of facilities at 206 sites consisting of 142 school buildings, 8 support buildings, 41 recreational sites, 4 stadiums, and 11 vacant buildings, comprising 1,271 acres of real estate. In June 2017, MPS initiated a process to develop a long-range facilities master plan by issuing a Request for Proposal to hire an outside firm to assist the district with the process of developing an updated facilities master plan.

On September 28, 2017, the Board approved the professional service contract with MGT of America Consulting, LLC (MGT) to begin the process of developing a new Long-Range Facilities Master Plan. This plan provides an in-depth review of how MPS buildings support the learning environment and identifies opportunities to further the work toward advancing the district's goals of academic achievement; student, family, and community engagement; and effective and efficient operations.

The scope of work outlined for MGT included site visits to every school to review and rate the condition of building infrastructure and the educational adequacy of all learning spaces. The review took into consideration many factors including enrollment trends, program and building capacities, deferred and projected capital maintenance, ADA accessibility, universal design principals, and equity with a focus on neighborhood characteristics such as income, poverty, crime, and minority population.

The analysis included input from stakeholders including students, teachers, parents, district partners, and community members. Input was obtained through an online survey that resulted in feedback from over 8,200 survey participants. In addition to the survey, eight large scale community engagement sessions were held in order to gather additional stakeholder input. The large-scale community engagement sessions were comprised of a series of meetings. The first series of community engagement meetings took place in November 2017 at South Division High School, Bay View High School, Hopkins Lloyd Community School, and James Madison Academic Campus. The second series of community engagement meetings were held in January 2018 at Obama School of Career & Technical Education, Milwaukee School of Languages, Riverside University High School, and Audubon High School. MGT interacted with participants at each of the meetings by explaining the goals of the Long-Range Facilities Master Plan, asking questions to gain feedback from the community on priorities, and facilitating open discussions for clarity and understanding.

The analysis also included data gathering sessions and review meetings with key individuals from all departments within the district to allow MGT to obtain and validate the information needed for a complete analysis in order to develop the Long-Range Facilities Master Plan. The attached information provides more details on educational suitability, technology readiness, and building conditions for all schools along with a review of district enrollment and capacity. The information also includes an actionable plan to serve as a roadmap for facility use, classroom modernization, and capital investment. The plan focuses on identifying additional programming, instructional, and partnership opportunities, and provides recommendations for investment or divestment of current building inventory to maximize the use of resources.

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