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Communications & Marketing

The Department of Communications & Marketing works to aggressively promote Milwaukee Public Schools, provide the community with important information about MPS, and assist in efforts to recruit and retain students and staff. The department works through a wide variety of media and print platforms with a focus on creating and reinforcing a positive image of MPS that reflects our achievements and our opportunities for growth. All district translations are also coordinated through the department.


  • Develops an annual communications plan for the district, including year-round marketing efforts
  • Manages district website and social media
  • Provides creative services for graphics and photography needs
  • Supports the development of district publications
  • Manges all requests for translation and interpreter services

How We Support Schools

  • Provides school-level media relations support
  • Assists schools with the creation of marketing materials and supports school websites
  • Provides online school website training
  • Supports translation services


Phone: 414-475-8274


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