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Office of Human Resources

Office of Human Resources

Human CapitalChief Human Resources Officer:  Adria D. Maddaleni, J.D.
Office Main Phone:  414-475-8224

The Office of Human Resources develops and executes human resource strategies by addressing current and anticipating future personnel-related needs, trends, plans, and initiatives that support the MPS mission.

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The Office of Human Resources seeks to attract and retain a competent, capable, and diverse MPS workforce that is committed to raising the achievement of all MPS children. The Office of Human Resources provides effective leadership and specialized expertise in the areas of recruitment, discipline, employee rights, compensation, benefits, and data management. The Office of Human Resources strives to provide highly qualified teachers and high-quality staff to all schools and offices. The office also supports the technology needs across all district facilities and programs.

Talent Management (Staffing)

  • Senior Director, Talent Management:
  • Michael C. Harris
  • Phone: 414-475-8224
  •  Fax: 414-475-8722

The Department of Talent Management is the focal point for the delivery of high quality personnel through targeted recruitment where procedures are designed to attract, select and retain staff.

Work at MPS:

  • Teachers
  • Administrative
  • Classified
  • Recreation Staff


All employees who are subject to licensure or certification requirements for the position in which they are employed shall possess and maintain a valid license or certification throughout their employment in such position. The Office of Human Resources will verify the possession of such license or certification at the time of hire and renewal. Failure to have a valid license or certification shall be grounds for removal from the position and/or termination, as appropriate.

To find Approved Educator Preparation Programs to become a certified teacher, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website. 


Milwaukee Public Schools has entered into a partnership with The Work Number, an Income and Employment Verification service. Please review the attached flyer for additional information or contact The Work Number directly for your verification needs.
(800) 367-5690 
M-F 8:00 am - 8:00 pm (ET)

Thank you.


Employee Rights Administration

  • Manager:
  • James Gorton
  • Phone: 414-475-8161
  •  Fax: 414-777-7857

The Employee Rights Administration Department (ERAD) provides support services and leadership in the areas of: leaves of absence; job accommodations/fitness for duty; unemployment benefits; and ensuring a work environment free from discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Employment Relations

  • Director:Larry R. Cote’, Jr
  • Phone: 414-475-8280
  •  Fax: 414-475-8380
  • Email:
  • Location: Central Services

The Employment Relations Department provides strategic direction in the area of employment law and general employment matters. As a department, we maintain and administer the MPS Employee Handbook including facilitating the grievance and complaint process. Employment Relations provides consultation and training to administrators on employee discipline and general employment matters. We maintain effective communication with existing bargaining groups and are responsible for annual bargaining. Additionally, criminal background checks are cleared through our department.

Benefits, Pension & Compensation

  • Senior Director:
  • Carol Eady
  • Benefits:
  • Phone: 414-475-8554
  •  Fax:414-475-8562
  • Compensation:
  • Phone: 414-475-8731
  •  Fax:414-475-8562
  • Pension:
  • Phone: 414-475-8730
  •  Fax:414-773-9925

The Department of Benefits, Pension & Compensation provides strategic direction in the design and administration of employee benefit, pension, 403(b), 457  and compensation plans.   Additionally, this department oversees all employee wellness programs.


Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) offers health, dental, life insurance, pension and other fringe benefits to benefit-eligible employees and retirees of MPS. These benefits are listed in general terms only as of the publication date indicated and are not intended to be a complete description of coverage.


Salary and compensation are established annually by the Board of School Directors, except Prevailing Wages (Building Trades Council). Established salary rates will not be subject to change during the fiscal year, with the exception of changes arising out of base-wage negotiations, promotion, reduction in rank, or other disciplinary action. The District will negotiate base wages as required by state law. Salary will be communicated to the prospective or promoted employee in an official offer of employment.

Employee Wellness

At Milwaukee Public Schools, we know our employees work hard. Each day brings new challenges and our employees must be energetic, innovative, and resilient in order to rise to the occasion. That is why MPS is committed to providing employees with a suite of Employee Wellness programming. These programs are designed to keep employees healthy, happy, and engaged with little or no out of pocket cost!


Eligible MPS employees are enrolled in either the Employees' Retirement System of the City of Milwaukee or the Wisconsin Retirement System. MPS now offers Wisconsin's Deferred Compensation 457 Plan that allows eligible deferrals.  MPS is committed to providing you with a 403(b) Plan that allows you the flexibility necessary to meet your retirement needs. You can find more information about the options that are available to MPS employees who want to save on a tax deferred basis in a 403(b) or Roth 403(b) plan.

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