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Information for Milwaukee Title IA Participating Non-public Schools

Milwaukee non-public Title IA services are provided by MPS through one of three service providers identified by the district in consultation with participating schools. Arrangements for service delivery at each school are developed based upon consultation between individual schools and MPS (through the designated service provider). Schools may contact the Title I Supervisor for non-public schools at 475-8122 if they have any questions about this process. Services must meet the requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) for non-public, “targeted assistance” schools, be consistent with MPS contractual obligations, meet the needs of the targeted students, and reflect individual school allocation limits.

Services may begin when:

  • Schools have submitted the signed Title Program Affirmation of Consultation and City of Milwaukee resident enrollment information by the deadline
  • Students are identified and listed on the completed Title IA Eligibility Reports
  • Parent consent for services is obtained
  • Service models are developed for each school
  • Schedules are in place, and service provider staff is identified and trained.

Participating non-public schools may begin planning for the following school year during the spring semester. It will facilitate the start of services next year if:

  • Current teachers suggest eligible students who might start or continue in the Title IA programs for the following year. The decisions for identifying students maybe based on prior year assessments.
  • Adjustments to service models for next year are planned.
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