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Targeted Assistance

Title IA Targeted Assistance program is aimed at providing services for a specific group of students who are identified as being the lowest achieving or the furthest from meeting the requirements of the state standards.

To implement a Title I Targeted Assistance program:

  • School must have 35% of the students living in poverty.
  • Students must be identified and served, on a priority basis, based on multiple, objective, and educationally-related criteria.
  • Highly qualified teachers must be used to provide additional intensive instruction using research based instructional strategies that will improve the academic success of the lowest performing students.
  • Supplemental services can be delivered through in-class instruction (public schools only), pull-out instruction and/or extended day, week, or year instruction.
  • Title I staff must be highly qualified and provide services only to identified students.
  • Other school personnel and parents must be involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the Title I program.
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Targeted Assistance Resources

Department of Education Webinar Transcript Targeted Assistance Program

This is a transcript of the Department of Education's Webinar on the Targeted Assistance Program.

FY17 Eligibility Report

2016-17 Eligibility Report

Targeted Assistance Brochure

This is a brochure about the Title I Targeted Assistance Program.

Targeted Assistance School Report

2016-17 Targeted Assistance School Report

Title I Program Inventory

Blank Title I Program Inventory

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