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Financial Planning and Budget Services

2024–25 Proposed Budget

The 2024–25  Proposed Budget  provides  an  outline  of  the  district’s  current  and  future financial, organizational and informational position. The budget is intended to achieve the following:

  • 2024-25 Superintendents Propose Budget Cover Image Present the district’s financial plan for the fiscal year, illustrating appropriations  and  projected  revenues  by  which  the appropriations are funded
  •  Serve as a communication document for the citizens of Milwaukee who wish to understand how the school district operates and the methods used to finance those operations
  • Guide and aid management staff in controlling financial resources while complying with state and federal requirements and generally accepted accounting principles for government
  • Provide highlights of financial policies

Download the entire 2024–25 Proposed Budget here.   


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A - 2024-25 Transmittal Letter

The Transmittal Letter provides an overview of the thoughts and the process behind the 2024–25 Proposed Budget. A guide to using the budget document is provided to familiarize the reader of the document with the general layout of the budget.

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2024-25 Executive Summary Cover Image

01 - 2024-25 Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides summary information on the district's overall budget. The topics are covered in more detail in the subsequent sections. All items listed in the Introductory table of contents are "interactive". Click on an item and you will be directed to that page.

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02 - 2024-25 Organizational Cover Image

02 - 2024-25 Organizational

The Organizational section of the 2024–25 Proposed Budget includes information on the school district, the City of Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Board of School Directors, the superintendent and administrative officers. The district’s structure and organization, purpose, goals and strategic objectives are also described. All items listed in the Organizational table of contents are "interactive". Click on an item and you will be directed to that page.

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03 - 2024-25 Financial Cover Image

03 - 2024-25 Financial

The Financial section of the 2024-25 Proposed Budget provides a general narrative as well as detailed information on district revenues and expenditures, forecasts, fund balance, capital and debt. All items listed in the Financial table of contents are "interactive". Click on an item and you will be directed to that page.

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Informational Section Cover Image

04 - 2024-25 Informational Section

The Informational section of the 2024–25 Proposed Budget provides detailed information as a context for understanding the information presented in the previous sections. The information is supplemental and valuable to understanding the environment in which MPS operates as a school district. All items listed in the Informational table of contents are “interactive”. Click on an item and you will be directed to that page.

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Milwaukee Public Schools Financial Budgets

State & Federal Programs

Central Services - Rooms 1 and 2

5225 W. Vliet Street - Milwaukee, WI 53208

State and Federal Programs Contact Information:

Main: 414-475-8009

Shelley Perkins - Director of Department of State and Federal Programs

Joseph Hill - ESEA Coordination & Compliance Manager II

Dr. Mora Anderson- ESEA Non-Public Supervisor I

Mark Lawrence - ESEA Title I Non-Public Coordinator III

Debra Hickey - ESEA Title I Non-Public Coordinator III

Michael Betts - ESEA Assistant II

Cynthia Mendoza - ESEA Administrative Assistant III

Denise Fields- State and Federal Programs, Manager

Megan Burk - Grants Specialist I

Jennifer Butzbach - Grants Specialist I

Sophia Smith - Grants Coordinator I

Kim Callies - Budget Coordinator III

Tatiana Chaplin - Budget Analyst I


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