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Students at computerThe Department of Technology provides strategic direction and coordinates all of the technology functions for Milwaukee Public Schools. It also assures that all students and staff have equal access to technology. Each school uses the same broadband service, Wi-Fi capacity and high-speed network to gain access to a wealth of instructional software.

The department also provides all students with a Microsoft 365 account, which gives them access to email and curriculum documents. Moreover, the department assures that the ratio of students to computer devices is less than 2:1 in all schools. In addition, the department manages WYMS 88.9 FM, the school district's non-profit, 24-hour-a-day radio station.

The department strives to implement technology that most efficiently and effectively streamlines administrative functions. The department promotes fiscal responsibility through the implementation of best-practice software solutions that help management make quality decisions. It maintains a dual-data, center-system environment with an 18-gigabit connection that prevents downtime through the use of a large uninterrupted power system and on-site, high-capacity external commercial generators. This helps assure that students and staff have reliable access to educational and business applications.

VPN Access

To access VPN, visit and follow the on-screen instructions.

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Technology Resources & Downloads

Acceptable Use Policy Form (AUP)

This is the MPS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Polycom Download

This is the Polycom software for download.

Polycom Download - People+Content

Polycom People+Content is software that allows people to display content from their computer to a Polycom system over the network. Any school with a Polycom system can use this software.

Polycom Installation Instructions

Find instructions on installing and configuring Polycom.


Chad Meyer
Department of Technology

Tech Support

Phone: 414-438-3400
Fax: 414-438-3624

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