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Equity, Access, and Inclusion

The Department of Equity, Access, and Inclusion works to build a welcoming and inclusive culture that embraces and respects all humanity and relationships. These efforts are accomplished through engagement with staff, students, families, and community stakeholders in diverse, collaborative efforts and initiatives. Our goal is to promote intrapersonal, interpersonal, organizational, leadership, and culture and climate development in the district and school environments.

Equity, Access, and Inclusion engages in intentional, strategic, and inclusive work that embeds and leverages equity, access, and inclusion throughout the fabric of the district’s culture, practices, and leadership. We seek to build, support, and sustain relationships, relevance, rigor, and expectations through an equity lens and culturally and linguistically responsive practices.


  • Support implementation of equitable, accessible, and inclusive practices
  • Provide support to schools, students, families, and the district
  • Analyze data as part of continuous improvement processes
  • Collaborate with district and community stakeholders
  • Monitor and support implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS), and restorative practices

How We Support Schools

  • Provide districtwide professional development related to restorative practices, PBIS, and culturally and linguistically responsive practices
  • Support and provide professional development to staff facilitating ethnic studies and restorative practices courses
  • Use data systems for continuous improvement (e.g., school improvement plans, the Resource Inequity Data Tool, and district and student information systems)
  • Provide resources and guidance to foster districtwide equity and inclusion efforts


Dr. Patricia A. Ellis
Department of Equity, Access, and Inclusion
Phone: 414-475-8466

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