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District and School Improvement

The District and School Improvement team provides service to schools to ensure that the district effectively and efficiently implements continuous improvement systems that support, measure, and inform the district's work in the areas of effective teacher practice and student social, emotional and academic development. Each school develops an improvement plan which includes teachers, principals, other school staff, parents and stakeholders.  Input from these stakeholders and the community is critical to the development of the plan. Ongoing engagement of parents and other stakeholders ensures improved student learning.

School Improvement Plans at a Glance

A summary of each school's 2023-24 improvement plan can be accessed through the dropdown menus below. It is important to recognize that actively engaging in continuous improvement involves ongoing and consistent planning, implementation, collecting evidence, studying progress, and adjusting school actions and strategy as necessary.

The “School Improvement Plans at a Glance” for 2023-24  are currently available.

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  Elementary Schools

Acad of Accelerated Learning


Alcott El

Allen-Field El

Auer Avenue El

Barbee El

Barton El

Bay View Montessori Sch

Bethune Acad

Brown Street Acad

Browning El

Bruce El

Bryant El

Burbank El

Burdick El

Carson Acad

Carver Acad

Cass Street El

Clarke Street El

Clemens El

Clement Avenue El

Congress El

Cooper El

Craig Montessori Sch

Curtin El

Doerfler El

Eighty-First Street El

Elm Creative Arts El

Emerson El

Engleburg El

Fairview El

Fernwood Montessori

Fifty-Third Street El

Forest Home El

Franklin El

Fratney El

Gaenslen El

Garland El

Goodrich El

Grant El

Grantosa Drive El

Greenfield Bilingual

Hampton El

Hartford Avenue El

Hawley Environmental Sch

Hawthorne El

Hayes Bilingual Sch

Highland Community Sch

Hi-Mount El

Holmes El

Honey Creek El

Hopkins Lloyd

Humboldt Park El


Jackson El

Kagel El

Keefe Avenue El

Kilbourn El

King Jr El

Kluge El

La Causa Charter Sch

LaFollette El

Lancaster El

Lincoln Avenue El

Longfellow El

Lowell International El

Manitoba El

Maple Tree El

Maryland Montessori

Metcalfe El

Milw Acad of Chinese Lang

Milw College Prep--36th St

Milw College Prep--38th St

Milw College Prep--Lloyd St

Milw College Prep--North

Milw Environmental Science Aca

Milw French Immersion

Milw German Immersion

Milw Parkside Sch

Milw Sign Language El

Milw Spanish Immersion

Mitchell El

Morgandale El

Neeskara El

Next Door K4-K

Ninety-Fifth Street El

Parkview El

Pratt El

Riley El

River Trail El

Riverwest El

Rogers Street Acad

Sherman El

Siefert El

Starms Discovery

Story El

Stuart El

Thoreau El

Thurston Woods El

Townsend Street El

Trowbridge Street Sch

Victory El

Vieau El

Westside Acad

Whitman El

Whittier El

Zablocki El

  Elementary/Secondary Schools Combined
  Middle Schools
  High Schools


Natalie M. Collins, Ph.D
Manager of Assessment and Data
Phone: 414-475-8011

Annie Knopp, M.Ed. 
District and School Improvement Manager
Phone: 414-773-9813


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Wisconsin State Statute 118.57 specifies that annually every public school is to provide parents with a with a copy of their school report card and a list of their educational options, including the Special Needs Scholarship Program.

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