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Curriculum and Instruction

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Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is critical to students' future academic success. We offer Head Start and state-licensed early childhood centers in addition to kindergarten programming that begins at age 4 in most schools, with some offering kindergarten at age 3. Many early childhood classrooms feature small classrooms thanks to AGR funding.

Fine Arts

MPS is committed to building community through the arts by being a resource for fine arts pedagogy, cultivating a climate where creativity flourishes, engaging the community with the arts, honoring culture, and making the arts accessible to all.

Head Start

The Head Start program is based on the belief that children learn best through a combination of support services. This preschool program provides parental, educational, medical, nutritional, psychological, and social support to help children consistently succeed.

Instructional Technology and Personalized Learning

The Instructional Technology Department provides leadership, instruction, and guidance to the Milwaukee Public Schools community in using technology efficiently and effectively to achieve district goals. Instructional technology refers to the technologies implemented by educators to maximize student learning in the classroom. In order for students to use technology for learning and to graduate digitally literate, teachers must have the knowledge and skills to integrate technology in the classroom. Teachers must also be able to utilize technology in ways that require students to use it for higher-level tasks, such as sorting information, conducting research, communicating through reading and writing, and creating real-world products.

Library Media Services

The library media services office provides leadership in developing pre-K through grade 12 school library media programs to support student achievement. School library programs ensure that students and teachers have access to media collections that include a variety of print, non-print, reference and electronic resources.


The vision of the Milwaukee Public Schools literacy department is to educate all students to proficiency and beyond in order to prepare them for success in higher education, careers, and responsible citizenship.


The Milwaukee Public Schools mathematics department develops a deep understanding and appreciation for meaningful K–12 mathematics through engaging, appropriate, high-level teaching.


Milwaukee Public Schools offers the nation’s largest collection of public Montessori schools. A Montessori education is developed to foster lifelong learners and self-sufficient problem solvers.

MPS Reads

In support of our Ambitious Instruction Plan for reading, each month we will feature on the MPS website suggested titles for pre-kindergarten through grade 12 students.

MPS/MKE Early Childhood 1,825 Initiative

The goals of the MPS/MKE Early Childhood 1,825 Initiative are to ensure that every Milwaukee family has access to high-quality child care, improve Milwaukee Public Schools' early literacy scores, increase state reimbursement rates for day care centers, and leverage resources to ensure a high-quality learning experience from day care to school.


Our mission is to provide high-quality music education to all students through classroom and community instructional and performance opportunities. Our goal is to strengthen school reform efforts, boost academic achievement, and increase student engagement in Milwaukee Public Schools.


The Milwaukee Public Schools science department aligns its science curriculum to the vision of "A Framework for K–12 Science Education." This framework provides a balanced, comprehensive, and research-based science education for all students focused on the life, physical, and earth/space sciences integrating engineering and Common Core State Standards in math and literacy.

Social Studies

Social studies is the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence. The primary purpose of social studies is to help young people develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.


STEM education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning that removes the traditional barriers separating the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Student Wellness and Prevention

The Wellness and Prevention Office includes the MPS health and PE departments, MPS ropes and challenge course, Safe and Drug-Free Schools, and other grant-funded programs. Our mission is to support the physical, social, emotional, and academic development of all students. Our goal is to develop confident, self-reliant, and self-directed individuals who are capable of reaching their full potential as productive members of society.

Visual Art

MPS is committed to building community through the arts by being a resource for fine arts pedagogy, cultivating a climate where creativity flourishes, engaging the community with the arts, honoring culture, and making the arts accessible to all.


Department of Curriculum and Instruction:
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