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About MPS

About MPS

District Fact Sheet and MPS Structure

Milwaukee Public Schools is committed to accelerating student achievement, building positive relationships between youth and adults and cultivating leadership at all levels. The district’s commitment to improvement continues to show results:

  • More than 90 percent of 2022-23 budget dollars go directly to classrooms;
  • The MPS Class of 2022 earned $107+ million in scholarships and grants; and
  • MPS is home to 5 of the state and nation’s top high schools according to U.S. News and World Report.

Download the District Fact Sheet to learn more.
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To read the latest updates from MPS, visit the District News page.

students workingBoard of School Directors

The Milwaukee Board of School Directors consists of nine members: one member elected at large, and eight members elected from numbered districts as determined by the Milwaukee Board of School Directors. The regular term of each member is four years and until their successors have been elected and qualified.

To view the current school board members, visit the MPS Leadership webpage.


Dr. PosleyOffice of the Superintendent

Dr. Keith Posley is Superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools. The Office of the Superintendent works with all the district's major offices and MPS school communities to put systems in place to prepare students for success in higher education, post-educational opportunities, work and citizenship.


students readingOffices & Departments

The offices at MPS house various departments. Find a list of offices in Milwaukee Public Schools, including the following: Board of School Directors, Office of Board Governance, Office of Accountability & Efficiency, Office of the SuperintendentOffice of AcademicsOffice of School AdministrationOffice of Human ResourcesOffice of Finance and Office of Communications and School Performance.

To view the current offers and the MPS senior team, visit the MPS Leadership webpage.

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