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Target Areas for Sustainable Practices

The District Sustainability Team and the Department of Facilities and Maintenance Services have identified four key focus areas targeted for planning and implementation of sustainable ecological practices.

Journey House ExteriorEnergy Conservation

Lowering the energy usage required for heating, cooling, and lighting schools provides cost savings, reduces greenhouse emissions, and reduces consumption of finite natural resources. With these benefits, energy-saving measures are a priority to help schools save money and lessen the impact of their operations on climate change.


Everyone knows that smart shopping saves money! MPS is realigning district purchasing practices to take advantage of bulk discounts, leverage purchases on recurring items, and select vendors and products that follow sustainable practices to further impact climate change.

nutrition services worker reducing food wasteWaste Reduction

Reduction of waste in the district is a win-win! Preventing the waste of paper, cafeteria food, and other resources preserves tax dollars and promotes fiscal responsibility. Reducing waste also lessens the impact on landfills and lowers pollution. Waste prevention measures, recycling, and composting are some of the initiatives in place and expanding throughout the district to save money and reduce the carbon footprint.

Hawley water day with refloWater Conservation and Waterway Protection

As the largest source of freshwater in the world, the Great Lakes are a resource worth protecting. Pollution and climate change are some of the greatest risks to these waterways. Located on the shore of Lake Michigan, the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee Public Schools both depend upon and hold great responsibility for the health of this magnificent lake.

In response to widespread concerns about stormwater runoff that carries pollutants into waterways, MPS has embarked upon improvements that are resulting in healthier playgrounds for students and improved stormwater control to protect Lake Michigan. Research shows that green spaces, especially for children who live in environments that are primarily asphalt and concrete, can enhance mental health, improve fitness, and advance academic performance, focus, behavior, and love of learning.

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