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Growing a Greener District

starms after construction arial photo

student and teacher at starms early childhood schoolClean water, clean air, and clean neighborhoods are essential for a healthy community in which children can grow, thrive, and become the stewards of the next generation. To enhance the quality of life for Milwaukee’s students and the entire community, Milwaukee Public Schools has committed to property improvements, energy-saving measures, sustainable practices, and environmental education that will conserve resources, contribute to a healthier city, and develop students who are aware and proactive about caring for their world.

Ever since the energy crisis of the 1970s, the MPS Department of Facilities and Maintenance Services (DFMS) has sought ways to upgrade equipment, improve efficiency, and maximize tax dollars that support our schools. In light of global attention in this century to the impact and causes of climate change, the DFMS team has increased its efforts to implement green practices in schools, on schoolyards, and throughout the district.

The true impact of this work is multiplied when coupled with student involvement that develops skills, grows knowledge, and instills a sense of responsibility for the planet. Student participation in recycling, waste reduction, composting, and other efforts is a key component in helping to build a generation of children who are prepared to care for the Earth and find solutions for the future.

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