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Choose a Volunteer Opportunity

Browse through the list of ongoing or short-term and one-time Volunteer Opportunities. Consider whether you have a preference for working with elementary, middle or high school students, or if you are interested in working with a particular group of students or type of program. Think about what type of volunteer service you would like to contribute, how often you would like to volunteer, and how much time you would like to spend each day you are at your school.

Complete the Application

You must complete the online volunteer application process before volunteering for on-going opportunities. The volunteer application collects basic contact information as well as details that will help schools ensure you are a good match for their needs. You will receive a confirmation email once you have successfully submitted your application.  As soon as your criminal background check is completed, you will be asked to connect with the school or site where you have applied to volunteer.

Please note:

  • Call the Help Desk at (414) 438-3400 if you are having technical troubles.
  • You will need an email account and social security number to complete the volunteer application process.
  • Criminal background checks are conducted on all applicants age 18 and older as a part of the application process.

Attend Volunteer Orientation

After connecting with the school or site where you have applied to volunteer, you will be asked to attend a Volunteer Orientation.  This hour-long session will give volunteers information on the district, the role volunteers play within the district, guidelines for volunteers, and tips for volunteering in the classroom.

Confirmation and Getting Started!

Once you have attended the Volunteer Orientation you will receive an email giving you an official offer to begin as a volunteer!  Once accepting this offer, you are ready to get started!

Thanks again for your interest in volunteering with Milwaukee Public Schools!


Volunteer Associate: Sophia Smith

Phone: 414-773-9823


Kellie Sigh
Department of Business, Community and Family Partnerships


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