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2021 Most Valuable Volunteers

Bud & Sara Hudson: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School

Bud and Sara Hudson were nominated by Deaduri Gales, parent coordinator at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School. Bud and Sara provide one-on-one tutoring for 1st  and 6th grade classrooms. Bud has joined the School Engagement Council to help increase parent participation. They have been both instrumental in getting the 7th Grade Scholars connected to a group of 7th graders in Ribe, Kenya. Bud and Sara go out of their way to stay connected with MLK by challenging themselves to learn the various platforms offered in the districts learning environment. While retired and well beyond the age of 65, they have managed to persevere and show up even when it is not required. Bud and Sara have recruited other members of their church and neighborhood to volunteer at MLK. Thank you, Bud and Sara for being our biggest cheerleaders.

Dr. Susan Larson: Maple Tree School

Dr. Susan Larson was nominated by Ms. Amy Snell, 3rd grade teacher at Maple Tree School. Dr. Larson spends about 2.5 hours every Monday and Wednesday working virtually with small groups of 3rd graders in the areas of math and reading. Her individual attention has helped the students with word recognition and learning their multiplication and division facts. She has unselfishly donated numerous school supplies for the students to use. Thank you, Dr. Larson, for being a great mentor to the 3rd graders at Maple Tree School!

Joyce Cable: Craig Montessori School

Joyce Cable was nominated by Jacqueline Glover, parent coordinator at Craig Montessori School. Joyce is a retired teacher from Craig Montessori School. Her love for the students and staff encouraged her to come back to make a difference. During this virtual season, Ms. Cable has assisted staff with organization of class materials, photocopying and other needs.  She has gone above and beyond to ensure staff were ready to serve students and their families during this virtual school year. Thank you, Joyce, for being a gem to the staff at Craig Montessori.

Moira O'Brien-Bruce: Hawthorne Elementary School

Moira O’Brien-Bruce was nominated by Christal Liddell, parent coordinator of Hawthorne Elementary School. Mrs. Bruce has volunteered with Hawthorne for the past 6 years assisting first grade students with their reading skills. The virtual platform of learning didn’t stop Mrs. Bruce from continuing to serve this school year. She has learned to use the Google Meet platform to connect with her first graders and continue the wonderful work she has started. Thank you, Moira for your dedication to the students of Hawthorne.

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