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2019 Most Valuable Volunteers

Tiffany Robinson: Milwaukee French Immersion School

Tiffany was nominated by Lori A. Banks, Parent Coordinator of Milwaukee French Immersion School for providing diligence for the greater good of the school. The nomination stated:  "Tiffany is easy and pleasant to work with and will do whatever needs to be done for the greater good of the school. She is very skilled in computers and has taught me how to maneuver in programs I didn't think I was capable of working in. She spends Saturdays volunteering at the Kindergarten Enrollment Fairs and The Language Summit and always makes sure we are put on the calendar for Children’s French Reading events at the Milwaukee Public Library. Tiffany has created an organizational system for the schools African American Read-In Program, ensuring other school volunteers can easily choose books and have fun, interactive activities they can engage in with the students. Tiffany assists in coordinating various school activities including, but not limited to school anniversaries, field trip fundraisers and the school science fair. As a member of the school’s PTA, Tiffany helps to coordinate MFIS students participation in Bastille Days. If you looked up Extraordinary Volunteer in the dictionary, you would definitely see a picture of Tiffany Robinson."

Alma Alba: Rogers Street Academy

Alma Alba was nominated by Monica Hernandez, Parent Coordinator of Rogers Street Academy for being a great role model to parents through volunteering.  The nomination stated: For the past 14 years, Alma has provided support to students during breakfast, assistance to teachers with special projects and math/reading tutoring, and support to the parent coordinator in the parent center. Alma uses her creativity to coordinate fun and engaging family night events for parents at the school. She is an active member of the School Engagement Council where she advocates for parents and helps to come up with solutions to problems that exist in the school. Although Alma is a wife and working parent, she always says "The education of my children comes first and I want them to know it." With devoted time in her own children's education, Alma is a role model to other parents; showing them that education involves time and dedication."

Susan Webber: Maple Tree School

Susan Webber was nominated by Theresa Davis, Parent Coordinator of Maple Tree School for her positive and witty personality with students and staff. The nomination stated: "Ms. Webber has been at Maple Tree for over two years. She started helping in the school’s library and eventually was asked to help out in the school cafeteria as she had a great rapport with students. For the last two years, Ms. Webber has helped out in Ms. Miller’s class with 1st grade students. She works in small groups and one-on-one activities with students focused around math and reading. In recent months, Ms. Webber went on vacation for a few weeks. Upon returning, students ran up to her and gave her lots of hugs as they missed her very much. Ms. Webber's passion for kids and their education is evident.  She is a joy to have at our school."

Zelda Wiley: Rufus King International Middle School

Zelda was nominated by Thaddrea Liberty, Head Secretary of Rufus King International Middle School for providing consistency and dedication to the students and staff. The nomination stated: "Ms. Wiley volunteers for the entire school day. She even comes in when there are no students in attendance. Ms. Wiley comes in with  a positive attitude and the willingness to assist where ever she is needed.  She assists with all of our school events such as parent teacher conferences, fall festivals, holiday celebrations, black history programs, passion projects and picture day. She coordinates our lost and found and has organized  the items ranging from notebooks, clothes, shoes, glasses, etc. Ms. Wiley also assists in the school library . Ms. Wiley lives in the neighborhood and keeps an eye out for the school which has resulted in  great relationships built with staff, students and parents. Ms. Wiley is a big help and I look forward to seeing her everyday."

Michael Mastalish: Project Stay High School

Michael Mastalish was nominated by Dr. Patricia Kemp, science teacher at Project Stay High School for his amazing rapport with students. The nomination stated: Michael  has been absolutely amazing. He has established rapport with our students that compels them to look forward to his visits and  to feel his absence when he has exams or is out of town with the band. Since Michael is a member of the students generation, they are inspired by his accomplishments as a physics major and his desire to become a research scientist. The educational flow between student and tutor is quite impressive to watch whether Michael is engaged with a student  one-on-one or while assisting students with an experiment or a presentation. Over the past three years, Michael has become a vital part of our school community."

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