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Yudit Rivas

Yudit Rivas was nominated by Mayra Aviles, parent coordinator of Greenfield Bilingual School. Ms. Rivas is a parent of two students who attend Greenfield. She enjoys spending her time as a chaperone for fieldtrips and as a lunchroom assistant. Ms. Rivas is very creative and is often asked to assist with decorating teacher bullentin boards and sprucing up classrooms and other areas of the school to make the school environment more attractive and kid friendly. Because of her commitment to staff and student needs, she is often supporting the planning and operations of the school's fundraisers. 

As an active member of the District Advisory Council (DAC), Ms. Rivas participates in monthly a discussion with other parents to converse about district initiatives and programs. In addition, she also participates in the School Engagement Council (SEC) which is a meeting that provides parents the ability to share their input on the school improvement plans. She ensures that any notes and photos taken at the event are shared with other Greenfield parents. Ms. Rivas is a super important part of our Greenfield family and we are grateful to acknowledge her service. Thank you for being Greenfield's Most Valuable Volunteer."



Phone: 414-773-9823

Volunteer Services  Associate:
Sophia Smith
Department of Strategic Partnerships and Customer Service

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