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Sabrina Sedlar


Sabrina Sedlar was nominated by the Hamilton High School Parent Coordinator, Ms. Bridgette Franklin. Mrs. Sedlar is heavily involved with the overall success of Hamilton High School. As the President of School Engagement Council (SEC), Mrs. Sedlar understands the importance of being a parent volunteer and  helps to getcommunity partners connected to the success of students through their monetary and in-kind support. Mrs. Sedlar is a team player who works with a variety of staff, parents, clubs and administration staff to ensure Hamilton High School has resources to reach the needs of the students.

In her many years of service at Hamilton HS, Ms. Sedlar has helped to gather in-kind donations valued over $500 for various school events. Donations included toys, tv’s, gift cards and food used for various school events for both families and students. She has worked concessions during school events that helped to support the costs for t-shirts for the Black Student Union.  Ms. Sedlar was also able to obtain four partnerships for the Hamilton HS Track & Field team that have provided student athletes with running and spike shoes and snacks and beverages for track meets. She has continued to build rapport with these community partners and in-return, many of them have committed to providing their support each school year.

Mrs. Sedlar is also on the Senior Prom Committee. She helps to fundraise for prom activities and also secures discounts for students for their prom attire and accessories. This is a great help especially for students who have challenges paying for prom.  Ms. Sedlar is a great planner and is always coming up with ideas on how to make the lives of our students better. She is committed to making the school environment the best place to be for students. While her daughter is graduating this year, Mrs. Sedlar has decided to enroll her niece into Hamilton so she can continue her volunteer support. Thank you, Mrs. Sabrina Sedlar for your generous commitment demonstrated towards our staff and students at Hamilton High School.



Phone: 414-773-9823

Volunteer Services  Associate:
Sophia Smith
Department of Strategic Partnerships and Customer Service

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