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Kris Grisa


Kris Grisa was nominated by Parent Coordinator, Ashley Johnson, of Washington High School.  Kris is a volunteer through the James Place Volunteer Program through Elmbrook Church since 2016. James Place Volunteer Program services students at Washington High School through the College/Career/Mentoring Center. Kris comes in every Tuesday and Thursday for the entire school day. Her role is a tutor/advisor/mentor to students who come to the center. She is an English major and works with essays and applications of all kinds. She works well one-on-one with students who may be struggling and need help getting ahead on their work in any subject or if they need tutoring so they are successful with taking the ACT Test. Kris also provides assistance for students ineeding help with completing job applications. She has been a great resource for many of our ELL students over the years. Teachers at Washington utilize Kris to help all over the school with any needs such as volunteering as a classroom aide in a Senior English class or helping at school events. She helps with college and scholarship events also. In honor of the students she supports, Kris attends every graduation ceremony for Washington.

Kris surpasses expectations of a volunteer in that she stays in contact with many of our graduates and continues to be a mentor to them for years after they leave WHS. She has continued to support former students who are navigating college life, parenting, or learning the English language, and much more. Kris forms close relationships with WHS staff in order to best serve them and the school. She reads books, watches documentaries, and listen's to podcasts that keep her learning and growing as she volunteers. Many former students continue to contact her for support and advice. When the James Place Coordinator is not able to open the center, Kris steps in and leads the days activities. Thank you, Kris Grisa, for all that you do for the staff and students at Washington High School. Your presence is greatly appreciated.




Phone: 414-773-9823

Volunteer Services  Associate:
Sophia Smith
Department of Strategic Partnerships and Customer Service

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