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Gwendolyn Johnson


Gwedolyn Johnson, also known as “Grammy”, was nominated by Cynthia Suarez, teacher at Starms Early Childhood School. Ms. Johnson’s journey as a volunteer started 28 years ago when her two youngest daughters attended Starms. She would assist on field trips as a chaperone for her daughter’s class and also provided classroom support to various teachers at the school. Her committment to the Starms Family has provided her the opporutnity to provide additional academic services in partnership with the SDC Foster Grandparents Program and the Starms After-School Camp.  

Ms. Johnson is a great role model and demonstrates to the children the value of be loving and caring towards one another. She has built so many positive relationships with students that it isn’t too hard for her to step in when she sees that a student is having a bad day. Feeling sad? No worries. Grammy will pull you to the side and walk with you down the hallway to talk about your feelings. This is that positive energy that children love.

Ms. Johnson also loves to join in to singing and dancing activities with the students. Students often engage with her as they sing their hall safety song. “Stay in line, hands to yourself, and watch where you are going.”  Ms. Johnson is an integral part of the Starms school family and just like students loved her 20 years ago, she is still loved the same now. Thank you, Grandma Johnson, for being the ray of sunshine to our Starms Family.




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