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Faye Gilbert

Faye Gilbert was nominated by first-grade teacher, Ms. Jean Karll, of Clara Barton Elementary School. As a Barton volunteer for the past 21 years, there is no task too great or too small for Ms. Gilbert. She steps in wherever she sees a need. She has been known to help prepare Barton to open in Fall, close in summer, stuff student folders, hang student work, calm a crying child, bandage a scraped knee, tie shoes, chaperone field trips, investigate and mediate student disagreements, and celebrate students’ successes. She even worked with students during Virtual Learning during January 2022. Through the eyes of a teacher Ms. Gilbert is an invaluable asset in the classroom. Through the eyes of a student, she is a friend.

In addition to all the non-academic contributions Ms. Gilbert makes to a classroom at Barton, she is an outstanding academic tutor. The students’ have multiple opportunities to practice grade appropriate speaking and listening skills when Ms. Gilbert is present. She engages them in conversation often and is a great model in this area. Because many of the students do not have opportunities to read or be read to outside of school, Ms. Gilbert’s presence is so necessary. Not only does she listen to students read each day, she also reads to them. This additional practice has had a tremendous positive impact on their ability to read and understand more complex text, both fiction and non-fiction. This year alone she has had an impact at helping 19 students make progress in Reading. In fact, because of her determination to make a difference over the years, many students have been able to make a year or more gain because of the extra attention she is able to provide them. As a published author herself, Ms. Gilbert also support students who need extra help in writing. She models, co-writes, edits and encourages wherever needed. Thank you, Ms. Gilbert, for your wonderful contribution here at Clara Barton Elementary School. What a difference you make each day you arrive!



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