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Asma Altamari


Asma Altamari was nominated by Pattie Koscielak, teacher at Garland Elementary School. Mrs. Altamari has provided classroom assistance at Garland for 5 years. She is very dependable and always completes the tasks that she is given. Mrs.  Altamari works mostly with students who are new to the country. These students are young, nervous, and unsure when they arrive. Some are even fearful, however, Mrs. Altamari gives them the attention they need and makes them feel accepted and special.

Mrs. Altamari also helps with numerous class projects including science investigations and art projects. The most memorable project was the papier-mache globes she did with 30 students! This project was not easy, however, she demonstrated patience and made sure every student was included. The students love to work with Mrs. Altamari and with her warm smiles and words of encouragement, they know they can be successful.

What’s even more impressive, is that she knows what needs to be done before even being told what to do. She helps with any job, including making copies, filing, and cleaning up after a project. These tasks are always helpful especially with the busyness that goes on in the classroom every day. While Asma thanks us for having her, we thank her for demonstrating her enthusiasm, humble nature, and sheer love for helping others. She is truly a beautiful person and we are blessed to have her with us every day.  Thank you, Mrs. Altamri, for being the most valuable volunteer to the students and staff at Garland Elementary School.




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