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Recent Accomplishments and New Projects

Recent Accomplishments

  • August 2014- Updated Central Service Signage
  • August 2014- Bilingual Signage
  • December 2014- "I Got Caught" Employee Recognition Program
  • June 2015- Central Services Building Welcome Signs
  • July 2015- Division of Customer Service Created
  • November 2015- Formed Council of Great City Schools Customer Service Consortium
  • November 2015- First Training Delivered to Students (Journey Forward)
  • December 2015-  Level I Reference Guide Created
  •  February 2016- New Division of Customer Service Brochures Created
  •  February 2016- Customer Service Standards Posters Created
  • 360 Degree Customer Satisfaction Survey (Under Development)
  • July 2016- Division of Customer Service 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

Journey Forward event for school-to-work students


New Projects

  • November 2015- Enhanced Employee Recognition Program Developed
  • January 2016- Online Classroom Managment Tool Prototype Developed (In collaboration with Organizational Development Office)

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