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Grandview HS

Grandview High School

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Grandview High School was established as a MPS partnership school in 1988. Grandview is a program that serves students who are at-risk of not graduating as defined by Wisconsin state statutes. Grandview provides at-risk students the opportunity to complete high school in a school compatible with their abilities, interests and needs. With an emphasis on credit and skill recovery, the school fosters academic and personal growth within a supportive, respectful, individualized, positive, and caring school climate. Grandview offers an educational model that differentiates student learning needs and blends face-to-face curriculum and instruction with online learning to accelerate achievement. Grandview's current contract term ends in 2020-2021.

Academic/Social Clubs & Extracurricular Activities

  • Clubs ( Fitness Club, Student Council, Yearbook )

Athletics & Interscholastic Sports

  • Flag Football (Co-ed)
  • Volleyball (G)

College & Career Programs


Community Partners

  • Marquette University
  • Milwaukee Reperatory Theater
  • PEARLS for Teen Girls
  • Sweet Water Organics
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Fine Arts

  • Art ( Drawing, Painting )

Mentoring & Interventions

  • Leadership Camp
  • Restorative Justice
  • School Psychologist
  • School Social Worker
  • Tutoring Available

Parent & Family Resources

  • Love and Logic

Map & Directions

School Administration

PrincipalDebi HarryRegional SuperintendentBridget Schock, InterimSchool Board MemberLuis A. Baez (Tony), Ph.D.School Board District District # 6School Board Member At-LargeBob Peterson

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Grades9 - 12School Hours08:00 AM - 03:20 PMSchool TypeAlternativeRegionContracted School ServicesTransportationProvided citywide (walk zone excluded) View Transportation Map

Contact Information

PrincipalDebi HarrySchool AddressAddress 46932745 S 13TH STMILWAUKEE WI 53215Phone (414)
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