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Wisconsin Association for Bilingual Education honors MPS educators and students

Educators of the Year and Advocacy Award selectedMilwaukee Public Schools congratulates 14 MPS educators and five students who were honored during the annual convention of the Wisconsin Association for Bilingual Education (WIABE). Held annually in April in Wisconsin Dells, the convention brings together educators from across Wisconsin to promote bilingual education and advance the needs of individuals learning English.

This year, 23 educators received Educator of the Year awards, with 13 MPS teachers among this honored group. In addition, Yolanda Hernández-Garcia was presented with the Tony Báez Advocacy Award for 32 years of service in MPS actively promoting bilingual education.

WIABE also hosts annual student art and writing contests, with the winners recognized during the convention. Five MPS students received top honors for their exemplary work.

Congratulations to these awardees! You make us MPSProud!

WIABE Educators of the Year

  • Adam French, Allen-Field School
  • Jeannette Ortiz, Rogers Street Academy
  • Lucia V. Segovia Van Berkel, Lincoln Avenue School
  • Holt Andrus, Hayes Bilingual School
  • Paula Wall, Forest Home Avenue School
  • Jean Guzman, Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts School
  • Marielle Rivera, Milwaukee School of Languages
  • MariLou Rocha, ALBA
  • Ericka Zihomara Ceyca-Chaidez, Riley Dual Language Montessori
  • Julieta Saavedra-Rivera, Escuela Vieau
  • Lara Vance, La Escuela Fratney
  • Irma Borrero, South Division High School
  • Anita Higgins, H. W. Longfellow School

Tony Báez Advocacy Award

  • Yolanda Hernández-Garcia

WIABE Art Contest Winners

  • Grades 3–5: Kimberly Ortiz, Escuela Vieau
  • Grades 6–8: Janelis Roche, Hayes Bilingual School
  • Grades 9–12: Chika Akhfadel Ariesta, Milwaukee School of Languages

WIABE Writing Contest Winners

  • Grades 3–5: Juana Vanessa Santiago-Chel, Hayes Bilingual School
  • Grades 9–12: Muhammad Kahanan, South Division High School


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