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Volunteers from GE Healthcare roll up their sleeves at local schools

GE Community Service DayNearly 2,000 GE employees and friends grabbed mops, rakes, and paintbrushes at local schools today to make halls and classrooms shine for returning students. About a dozen MPS schools benefitted from scrubbing, landscaping, and painting thanks to the energetic volunteers.

At Riverside University High School, Interim Superintendent Dr. Keith P. Posley welcomed volunteers from GE Healthcare’s Ultrasound and Maternal Infant Care teams. The group created a Zen Den for students, built costume storage in the auditorium, cleaned trophy cases and white boards, painted rooms on the second floor, added a mural in the 4th floor stairwell, painted several inspirational quotes, and accomplished many more tasks throughout the day.

This was the 24th annual GE Community Service Day that included greater Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and Waukesha. Volunteers had fun getting out of the office and knowing that their day of work would benefit students all year long.

“An incredible amount of work was accomplished today, and we are extremely grateful to GE,” said Posley. “Our students deserve a sparkling, welcoming environment, and I am thrilled to see how this hard work has improved our learning spaces."

The first day of school for students on the early start calendar (all high schools and traditional middle schools) is Monday, August 13. Schools on the traditional calendar (most elementary schools) will begin Tuesday, September 4. Families who have questions about start dates should contact their child’s school.

Enrollment is still open! Visit to learn more.


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