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The Restorative Practices Professional Development for Principals is Coming!

MPS is excited to announce that restorative practices professional development for principals will start on January 2, 2020! Our goal is to provide professional development for all district and school-based administrators starting this school year! Though restorative practices have been in our district since 2006, this is the first intentional district-wide roll-out.


Restorative practices are a way of being that values the kind of relationships that foster authenticity and connectedness. When being restorative, we practice holding ourselves and others to a high level of accountability while providing a high level of support; thereby impacting the social and academic success of every student.


“Restorative practices has created a sense of family at GreenTree Preparatory Academy,” said Katina Fisher, principal at GreenTree Preparatory Academy. “Scholars have begun to support each other both inside and outside the school community. Way to lead GPA Scholars!


During the training, we will be using an experiential and collaborative process and administrators will leave with practices they can use immediately.
Some of the learning intentions include:


  • Understanding restorative justice versus restorative practices
  • Identifying what it means to operate from a restorative lens
  • Recognizing how restorative conversations, circles and other processes can be used to teach, build and maintain relationships
  • Connecting RP with existing MPS programs


“As a product, parent, and employee of MPS that has been using restorative practices with countless students and adults, I am convinced that relationships matter,” said Chauna Perry Finch, restorative practices supervisor for MPS. “In using restorative practices, I have witnessed the direct impact this framework has had on creating cultures where everyone can work through obstacles, build on strengths, and ensure every student succeeds together. This practice has the power to not only change, but save lives. Together we can!”


To ensure administrators’ needs are met, we are continuing to seek their feedback through the Restorative Practices Administrator Survey. If administrators haven’t completed the survey, they can access the link listed in the December 12th or 19th Thursday Updates.

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