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Teachers, paraprofessionals, and school nutrition and building operations staff–attend an MPS job fair!

Teacher and StudentsMilwaukee Public Schools will host job fairs this summer to attract teachers, paraprofessionals, and school nutrition and building operations staff. Attend a job fair to learn more and apply on site. Interviews will be offered for some positions.

MPS teachers are needed across the district for many grade levels, subjects, and specialties, including special education. Part-time positions are available.

MPS seeks licensed teachers as well as early career and retired teachers, professionals looking for a career change, individuals wishing to complete a bachelor’s degree in education, paraprofessionals, and others with special circumstances who dream of teaching. Talk to our professional development staff to learn how teaching may be in your future.

Full-time MPS employees receive an excellent pension plan, tuition reimbursement, and professional development. MPS offers an exceptional package for health, dental, and vision insurance that exceed the benefits—at a lower premium—of other health plans in the marketplace (both private and public sector).

Attend a job fair to learn more!

Saturday, August 3, 2019, 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning
1017 N. 12th St., Milwaukee

Visit the MPS website to learn more about benefits and career options at or call (414) 475-8224.

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