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Students experience engineering in the real world

Project Lead The Way students from Fairview School spent time at Pferd, IncThirty middle school students at Fairview School have spent an exciting summer exploring science and engineering through a Project Lead The Way (PLTW) camp. The national curriculum, designed to deliver hands-on experiences, helps students explore robotics, computer technology, and engineering concepts. A highlight of the summer was a trip to Pferd, Inc., a local manufacturing firm that welcomes young learners.

At Pferd, students broke into groups to tour the offices and manufacturing areas, try their hand at inventing, and spend some time understanding and manipulating a robotic arm. They also learned about ways that machinery and robots improve safety and reduce workplace injuries. The students discovered the many elements that go into designing new products and components.

Pferd, Inc., was founded in 1799 in Germany and has been under the ownership of the same family throughout its lifespan. The company originally produced files for blacksmiths and owes its longevity to its ability to diversify and keep up with changing technology. The company now produces cutting and grinding tools, abrasives, and wire brushes as well as its original specialty – files and rasps.

PLTW teachers Ajamu Olaniyan and Jason Floyd have led classes to Pferd in the past and see the value of helping students engage in the real world. “When students tour a facility like Pferd, they can actually picture themselves doing this type of technical work. They come back to the classroom excited to explore careers and find out what they need to succeed,” said Olaniyan. “These trips solidify what students are learning and also open career paths.”

MPS thanks Pferd, Inc., and all the corporate partners who are helping to build Milwaukee’s future work force.

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