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Student scientists and engineers exhibit at 2022 STEM Fair

MPS STEM FairThis May, more than 200 projects by MPS students from 37 schools were presented during the 15th annual MPS STEM Fair. Students spent months designing display boards, conducting science investigations, and identifying and addressing engineering design problems to compete in the annual event. A team of volunteers and judges helped organize, exhibit, and judge student presentations.

Student work included engineering solutions to solve everyday problems as well as investigations designed around scientific questions of interest to students. Projects were divided into three categories: Science Inquiry (answering a question), Engineering Design (solving a problem), and Research Study (high school only).

In addition to STEM projects, a contest was held for students to design a STEM Fair button to be given to all participants in this year’s fair. One winner and two honorable mentions for each grade band were recognized during the awards ceremony.

Kindergarten–Grade 5

Winner: Abdul Barakat, grade 3, A. E. Burdick School
Honorable Mention: Daisy Lor, grade 4, Parkview

Honorable Mention: Ibrahim Ali, grade 3, IDEAL

Grades 6–8

Winner: Alexis Pelzek, grade 7, Garland
Honorable Mention: Justin Heard, grade 9, Golda Meir
Honorable Mention: Love Kaur, grade 8, Garland

A complete list of STEM Fair winners appears below. Congratulations to all our winners!

Tomorrow's SHEroes in STEM Award

Memorial award in honor of Lisa Martin, MPS teacher and STEM Fair Chair
Corina Shaw, Grade 8, Gaenslen

K–2 Science

1st: Jersey Penn and Brittney Williams, Carson Academy
2nd: Morgan Walker and Lomir Finch, Westside Academy
3rd: Zelia Ghassoul, Milwaukee Spanish Immersion

Grades 3–5 Science

1st: Gabe Halverson and Ryan Fabian, Whitman
2nd (tie): Jason Golec, Milwaukee Spanish Immersion; Emiliano Delgado and Lexiana Perez, Allen-Field
3rd: Mayliah Curry, Manitoba

Grades 6–8 Science

1st: Tatiayana Pham, Garland
2nd: Mohamad Nabi Hussain, IDEAL
3rd: Lola Kudronowicz, Parkside School for the Arts

High School Science

1st: Maeve Harrison, Reagan
2nd: Eric Malsh and Matthew Baker, Reagan
3rd: Benjamin Blazkovec and Mark Vanderbilt, Reagan

Grades K–2 Engineering

1st: Ahmya Hood and Kizauhn Joseph-McHenry, Carson Academy
2nd: Tone'nae Matlock, Nathaniel Ford, and Autumn Ragland, Benjamin Franklin
3rd: Monyi Bonds and Leighton Burke, Carson Academy

Grades 3–5 Engineering

1st: Isabel Levas-Galvan, Milwaukee Spanish Immersion
2nd: Amir Griffin and Lionel Xiong, 95th Street School
3rd: Kristopher Solis, Paris Billups, Antonio Ramo, Zablocki

Grades 6–8 Engineering

1st: Quentin Poquette, Cooper
2nd: Mohammed Barry, Henry Argeropoulis, Grace Pagel, Cagin Lee, and Joseph Vang Song Thao, Golda Meir
3rd: Zariyah McClellan, Londyn Roaf, Danila Johnson, Carson Academy

High School Engineering

1st: Miguel De La Cruz, Audubon
2nd: Liam Aponte, Audubon
3rd: Brennen Cassavant, Reagan

High School Research Study

1st: Kenjin Yang and Miguel Ocasio, Hamilton
2nd: Danna Pica Martinez, Hamilton
3rd: Michael Ledezma and Elisa Velasco, Hamilton

GE STEM Spirit Award

K–2: Malia Ward, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
Grades 3–5 Isabel Levas Galvan, Milwaukee Spanish Immersion
Grades 6–8: Quentin Poquette, Cooper
Grades 9–12: Maeve Harrison, Reagan


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