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Site coordinator provides space for enrichment and development at Mitchell CCLC


Ana Magaña Mitchell School CLC

By every definition, Ana Magaña has made a lifetime commitment to Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts School.

Mitchell School is tucked off Mitchell St. in the Muskego Way neighborhood. Magaña lived just a few blocks away and attended Mitchell School from kindergarten through sixth grade. Her mother still lives in Magaña’s childhood home, and when Magaña had children of her own, she made sure they all attended Mitchell School.

When her youngest daughter enrolled at Mitchell, Magaña began to volunteer at the school. Shortly thereafter, she began working for the before- & after-school program at Mitchell. And despite the changes over her two decades, Magaña remains committed as ever to Mitchell.

Throughout the city, Milwaukee Recreation partners with local youth-serving and neighborhood agencies to operate Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) Grant Programs and Safe Places, increasing student achievement and offering engaging enrichment opportunities. Milwaukee Recreation operates Mitchell’s 21st CCLC alongside the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee.

“Community Learning Centers are absolutely critical for families in Milwaukee,” Milwaukee Recreation Before- & After-School Programs manager Beth-marie Kurtz said. “21st CCLCs provide essential support to students and families who are often underserved and offer creative learning opportunities to youth of all ages and backgrounds.”

Mitchell School CLC Participants

Magaña moved into the site coordinator role at Mitchell’s 21st CCLC six years ago, and continues to foster an environment centered on support. Magaña prides herself on her problem-solving abilities, and is touched that parents and students look to her when they need assistance, and have the confidence in her to help them.

Kurtz praised Magaña’s desire to listen to her students and staff, and seek out new resources and ideas. Mitchell School is open to students through eighth grade, and while the 21st CCLC has mostly featured young people from grades K-4 in the past, Magaña has seen a steady rise in older children and teenagers showing interest in the program. Now, she is adding activities to keep those students engaged in the 21st CCLC as well.

“[I want] to try to make a difference in as many children’s lives to make sure they graduate from high school. Hopefully, the students will always feel they can come back to Mitchell for any support they may need as they grow up. As long as I am here, I will be there to help each and every one of them as long as they need me.”

Magaña’s working tenure at Mitchell dates back to October 2001 and she still sees some of her past 21st CCLC participants now; not because they come to her with problems to solve, but because they now bring their own children to Mitchell’s 21st CCLC.


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