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Rufus King seniors earn full rides to Notre Dame, including QuestBridge match

Congratulations to Rufus King International School seniors Jordan Anderson, who will attend the University of Notre Dame as a QuestBridge scholar, and David Akinsanya, also heading for Notre Dame on a full-ride scholarship. Both recently celebrated their graduations from King and are beginning to prepare for their first college semester.

Rufus King grads Jordan and David are heading to Notre DameJordan (left) was offered his full-ride scholarship through the QuestBridge program, which is designed to help high-achieving students find scholarships. Students fill out an application, then rank their top 12 school choices from 42 QuestBridge partner schools. QuestBridge shares applications with each student’s ranked schools, and schools then have the opportunity to review candidates and make offers. QuestBridge presents selected students with the offer from their highest ranked school. From among 14,926 applicants this year, only 1,127 seniors were matched for a full-ride scholarship.

Jordan learned about QuestBridge from his school counselor, Brenda Mikell, and a King alumna, Arianna Acevedo-Ithier, who also received a scholarship offer through QuestBridge. He credits the caring teachers and counselors at Rufus King, as well as the college-level courses he took, for preparing him for college. Jordan recommends the QuestBridge process for other students and suggests, “Know your strengths. Know who you are and what you are capable of. Keep climbing. Hard work pays off, not always when you want it, but when you need it.” He plans to study aerospace engineering at Notre Dame.

David Akinsanya (right) has also set his sights on aerospace engineering at Notre Dame. Like Jordan, he applied through the QuestBridge program, but after not receiving a match, was contacted by Notre Dame during the school’s early decision round. Notre Dame offered admission with an enormous financial aid package that required only a small family contribution. David revealed, “I am honored to attend Notre Dame because of the potential they saw in me. I am determined to fully utilize the chance I have been given.”

Congratulations, Jordan and David!

Students who are interested in QuestBridge are encouraged to apply at Applications will open in late summer.




Earl Arms, Media Relations Manager

Shahree Douglas, Director Communications & Outreach

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