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Milwaukee Public Schools Board Member Terry Falk receives Lifetime Honorary Award

Director Falk (right) with his wife (left) receiving WSPRA awardThe Wisconsin School Public Relations Association has awarded Milwaukee Public Schools Board Member Terry Falk an Honorary Lifetime Membership in recognition of his work to advance positive public school communication over nearly two decades.

Falk, a member of the Wisconsin School Public Relations Association for about 18 years, is an advocate for students, educators and public schools. “Terry Falk is a champion for clear, transparent school communication and served as a valued voice on the WSPRA Board for many, many years as the Wisconsin Association of School Boards liaison to the board,” said Christina Brey, WSPRA president.

As an Honorary Lifetime Member, Falk remains a member of WSPRA and serves as a mentor and example for future communicators. Find out more about the organization at

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