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Milwaukee Italian Immersion School hosts Italian Consul General

Milwaukee Italian Immersion School hosts dignitariesDignitaries from the Italian Consul General were in Milwaukee on December 10 to pay a visit to Victory K–8 and Milwaukee Italian Immersion School. Giuseppe Finocchiaro and Dr. Sandro Corso, Director of Educational Programs for the Consulate General of Italy–Chicago, toured the school and learned more about Italian language programs. The pair presented a check in the amount of $18,000 to support resources for students learning Italian.

During their visit, Finocchiaro and Corso acknowledged the intensive language learning in the school, recognized the hard work and commitment of MIIS staff, and gathered information to explore the potential designation of MIIS as an Italian Section.

As an Italian Section, the school would be eligible for financial support and professional development, and students would have access to options to attend a university in Italy or the European Union. The designation would strengthen the authenticity and quality of the Italian Immersion program.

Milwaukee Italian Immersion School hosts dignitariesThe Italian government has a strong interest in programs that promote the Italian language throughout the world. They consider MIIS to be a valuable public entity that deserves their backing.

Victory K–8 and Milwaukee Italian Immersion School is located at 2222 W. Henry Ave., Milwaukee. Families interested in a tour or enrollment information should contact the school at or (414) 304-6700.

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