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MPS students showcase Black History projects

MU Students reading to MPS studentsFebruary has been a busy month in Milwaukee Public Schools as students have spent time researching, designing, and showcasing projects celebrating Black History Month. During the first week of February, the district recognized the national Black Lives Matter in School Week of Action with public events and classroom activities.

Maple Tree School held an exciting, interactive event attended by parents and filmed by TMJ4. Students researched famous Black Americans, then stepped into their roles by portraying their subjects as figures in a wax museum. Visitors could press a button to make students come to life and tell the stories of their chosen historic figures. Students learned about the accomplishments of their subjects and also about the struggles and challenges they overcame on the road to success.

At Fernwood Montessori, younger students studied Black inventors and explored the many devices that have changed our world and improved our lives, including electronics, computer parts, cosmetics, the red-yellow-green stop light, and peanut butter. Older students researched Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and collaborated to create a large banner with messages about peace and justice.

Students at Curtin Leadership Academy explored the lives of a variety of Black Americans and discussed the impact of their contributions on daily life. They hosted an event for families and the community to view their work, ask questions, and enjoy a lengthy timeline highlighting the impact of Black Americans throughout history.

Forest Home Avenue School welcomed players from the Marquette University men’s basketball team, who read to third graders and talked about their personal journeys through school that led them to Marquette. Students were inspired to ask many excellent questions about college and playing sports at a high level.

Teachers at Bethune Academy served as role models for their students by proudly wearing their college t-shirts representing historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). They shared their college experiences with students and encouraged them to follow their dreams to college and career.


Maple Tree School is located at 6644 N. 107th St., Milwaukee.

Fernwood Montessori is located at 3239 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Milwaukee.

Curtin Leadership Academy is located at 3450 S. 32nd Street, Milwaukee.

Forest Home Avenue School is located at 1516 W. Forest Home Avenue, Milwaukee.

Mary McLeod Bethune Academy is located at 1535 N. 35th Street, Milwaukee.


Earl Arms, Media Relations Manager

Shahree Douglas, Director Communications & Outreach

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