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MPS students receive pizzas for high attendance

MPS students receive pizzas for high attendanceKristin Hinds, principal of Carver Academy, delivered a special reward to one of her students in October for high attendance. Ivyonn Simmons, a student in 4-year-old kindergarten, received a pizza at lunch time for his hard work. Ivyonn took part in his virtual classes with an attendance rate above 95 percent for the month to earn his pizza.

Carver Academy held an attendance contest in October through which every student with attendance of 95 percent or better could earn a pizza. School staff and teachers volunteered to deliver pizzas around the city. A total of 84 students received a free pizza for their hard work. MPS is grateful to the Northwestern Mutual Foundation, which provided a grant to boost student attendance, including the pizza incentive.

Hinds and the Carver Academy staff are hosting monthly incentives to encourage high attendance. Virtual learning is keeping students safe at home, but remote classes come with challenges. Some students become distracted, oversleep, or forget to be on time for each class. Teachers and school staff are working to make sure all students maximize their class time.

“With virtual learning, it’s even more important for students to log in for every class,” said Hinds. “At home, students don’t have the feeling of being in school, so they need to work harder on focus and concentration. We’re taking steps to motivate children to log in for class.”

Parents and family members can take an active role in boosting attendance. Try these tips!

  • Help your child develop daily routines such as going to bed and waking up on time, setting an alarm clock, and picking out clothes the night before.
  • Watch academic progress and seek help from teachers or tutors if necessary. Children who are falling behind sometimes have anxiety and want to skip school.
  • Make sure teachers know how to contact you to discuss any concerns.
  • Develop a calendar so your child can record the classes they attend. Filling up a chart can motivate children to achieve.
  • Ask for help from school staff, after-school programs, other parents, or community agencies if your child is showing signs of a learning disability, anxiety or depression, or behaviors that are not normal for him/her.



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