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MPS education includes college and career vision and preparation

Reading, writing, mathematics – science, technology, engineering – art, music, physical education – social studies, language arts – what’s missing from this well-rounded education? The answer in MPS is college and career planning! To give all students every possible advantage in their college and career journeys, MPS offers multiple supports to compete in a complex landscape after graduation.

All students need support to apply for college and financial aid, but in MPS, planning begins long before students even enter their name on a college application. Across the district, career planning begins in middle school or earlier so students identify areas of interest and have plenty of time to explore or change their minds. When students enter high school, they often have a pathway in mind after graduation – college, technical school, military, or work – and frequently have selected a career field, if not a specific job. Early planning increases success, reduces costly and time-consuming mistakes, and gives students greater confidence in their choices beyond high school.

 How is this work accomplished? The MPS Department of College & Career Readiness is home to numerous programs that guide students of all interests and abilities: Alternative Education Programs, Career & Technical Education, Competency-based Programs, Culinary Arts, General Educational Development Program (GEDO #2), MPS College & Career Centers, Project Lead the Way, School Counseling, Summer Academy, and Wisconsin Challenge Academy. Through one or more of these programs, every student in MPS has supports available to find a pathway, navigate obstacles, and achieve success after graduation.

College & Career Centers are among the most visible resources available to MPS students. Located in 20 MPS high schools, College & Career Center staff assist students with college exploration, applications, financial aid, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and much more. College & Career Centers are generally open during school hours with some after-school availability. Family members are welcome to visit to learn more about their student’s options.

MPS students report that early career planning helps reduce stress, improve decision making, and enhance success. With pathways in mind, high school course selection is easier and timelines for applications are clear. Many students who thought college was out of reach discover options for grants, scholarships, and loans, placing their dreams within reach.

Discover more about college and career readiness in MPS. We support all students from every background and station in life—let us help your student follow his or her dreams!

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