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“Hoops” of Harlem Globetrotters shares game tricks and life lessons

Globetrotter message for studentsNathaniel Hawthorne School was electrified as students gathered to watch a player from the Harlem Globetrotters perform and deliver an important message. Briana “Hoops” Green demonstrated ball tricks and taught Globetrotter moves to students and teachers while schoolmates clapped and cheered. Hoops is the fifteenth female player in the history of the Globetrotters organization.

Hoops taught students about the TEAM philosophy—Talk, Empathy, Ask Questions, and Mobilize. Her goal was to help students learn strategies to navigate life, build kindness, take action, and learn the benefits of working as a team. As part of her demonstration, she invited a student to try to steal the basketball from her. When it couldn’t be done, she asked the student to invite a friend and work out a strategy, and the boys successfully took the ball from the Globetrotter, illustrating the power of teamwork.

The program concluded with the students and teachers performing their tricks and passing the ball in a circle in the same way that the Globetrotters begin every game.

“A visit like this really gives our students a vision for their own futures,” said Principal Shantee Williams. “Any time they see someone accomplish their dreams, it helps our students reach farther and higher.”

Milwaukee Public Schools thanks the Harlem Globetrotters for this very special visit!

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