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Give the Bucks’ Jabari Parker an assist

Jabari Parker with StudentsJabari Parker was the first round pick for the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014, and since that time, he’s made improving attendance for students in Milwaukee Public Schools his first off-court priority. Jabari has visited schools, talked to students, attended basketball games, provided Bucks tickets,  and promoted the importance of attendance with the Be in School All Day Every Day campaign.

That effort has landed Jabari as one of just 10 finalists for the NBA Community Assist Award, competing with other players including LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade. Parker will donate $25,000 to the MPS Foundation if he is selected.

Here’s how you can vote and thank Jabari for his support of MPS!

·         On Twitter:  Tweet a comment using #NBACommunityAssist #JabariParker. Retweets count as votes!

·         Instagram:  Post a photo using #NBACommunityAssist #JabariParker in the photo description. Only unique posts count.

·         Facebook:  Respond or comment on a post from an NBA account (NBA, NBA Cares, or the Milwaukee Bucks) using #NBACommunityAssist #JabariParker

·         Using #NBACommunityAssist and Jabari’s full name (Jabari Parker) or handle (@JabariParker) will also county as a vote on Twitter or Instagram

We’ll be sharing Facebook posts and tweets to make it easier for you to vote. Just follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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