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Exam preparation can be key to success

Books on Table Most MPS high schools have first semester final exams scheduled for December 18 to 22, 2020. Students and families can take steps to prepare to improve success. Follow these tips to ensure a good exam experience.

  1. Students and family members should all be aware of the student’s exam schedule and take steps to minimize noise and distractions during the exams.
  2. Students should get a good night’s sleep before exams so they are alert and in a positive frame of mind.
  3. Students should eat a good breakfast on the morning of exams.
  4. Students should log in 5 to 10 minutes ahead of the exam to make sure devices and technology are working properly.
  5. The day before each exam, students should make sure they understand instructions for taking the exam virtually, and have any needed login and password information.
  6. The night before an exam, students should charge their laptop or Chromebook, and consider taking the exam in a location where a device can be plugged in.
  7. An hour before the exam, students should gather needed materials such as scrap paper, pens/pencils, a bottle of water, and ALLOWED aids such a calculator, textbook, notes, study sheets, and so on.
  8. Before the exam, students should turn off their phone and close any programs or streaming on their device. Family should limit Internet use during the exam.

Study Tips

Several days before each exam, students should be studying for exam day and should follow these steps.

  1. Review the course syllabus (schedule of assignments and lessons).
  2. Review previous assignments and assessments.
  3. Carefully read preparation materials provided by teachers that may include a schedule, procedures, study tips, and sample questions.
  4. Ask your teacher if you have any questions about material or the exam procedures.
  5. If the test is open book, use sticky notes to mark important pages and consider making quick reference sheets with important information.

We wish all our students success on these important exams!



Earl Arms, Media Relations Manager

Shahree Douglas, Director Communications & Outreach

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