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Children can receive free produce and recipes in March

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program offered by Milwaukee Public Schools has been a hit with families! The Department of Nutrition Services will continue the program in March with the theme Personalizing Your Plate. Recipes and tips will help families cook quick and inexpensive meals including some Wisconsin traditions.

Free weekly produce bags are available most Thursdays at MPS Stop, Grab, and Go locations. All children age 18 and under can receive a bag. Pick up your bags and get cooking!

Weekly themes are designed to help families cook together, enjoy new foods, and learn more about nutrients that are essential for good health, growth, and learning. Each produce bag has been specially selected to provide healthy fresh fruits and vegetables along with nutrition facts and recipes. Cooking videos are available on the MPS YouTube page.


March Themes

March 4: How to Personalize Your Plate with Limited Time

Recipe: MPS Mediterranean chicken wraps with homemade tzatziki sauce and red grapes

Produce: English seedless cucumber, oregano, red grapes, red onion, roma tomato, romaine lettuce

Bonus item: 1 lb. diced chicken

Recipes and Nutrition Facts
Watch the how to video at:


March 11: How to Personalize Your Plate on a Budget

Recipe: Fajita bowls with fresh blood orange and cara cara orange

Produce: Avocado, blood orange, cara cara orange, cilantro, garlic, green pepper, iceberg lettuce, lime, red pepper, yellow onion, yellow pepper

Bonus item: 1 lb. diced chicken

Recipes and Nutrition Facts
Watch the how to video at:


March 18: How to Personalize your Plate with Wisconsin Traditions—The Friday Fish Fry

Recipe: Potato zucchini pancakes, homemade applesauce, and restaurant-style coleslaw 

Produce: Carrots, golden delicious apples, green cabbage, garlic, lemon, yellow onion, Yukon gold potato, zucchini

Recipes and Nutrition Facts
Watch the how to video at:


March 25: How to Personalize Your Plate for Picky Eaters

Recipe: Vegetable fried rice with fresh mango

Produce: Baby spinach, broccolini, carrots, daikon radish, enoki mushrooms, garlic, ginger, mango, red pepper

Recipes and Nutrition Facts
Watch the how to video at:

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