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Budget analyst impacts the lives of MPS students both in and out of the classroom

Marquez GuzmanMarquez Guzman is passionate about his work and serving the students in Milwaukee Public Schools. He started his career as a special education teacher at Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education in 2011 and now serves as an MPS budget analyst. 

“I realized that some of the most influential people in my life were my teachers and coaches,” says Guzman. “I wanted to return to MPS so that I could make an impact in the lives of young people both in and out of the classroom.”

The Hamilton High School graduate has worked at Central Services in the Office of Finance since 2013. He previously served as a management intern before becoming a budget analyst in January of this year.

While he may not be working in a classroom anymore, Guzman still exudes a passion for how his work impacts the lives of students every day.

Obama SCTE Robotics“MPS has a finite number of resources – money, time and employees,” says Guzman. “My role as a budget analyst is to not only ensure financial stability and integrity, but to help realize efficiencies so that we can put more resources back in the classroom and work towards achieving district goals.”

Guzman doesn’t limit his work of impacting the lives of students to just crunching numbers. He helps organize his department’s volunteer activities with Junior Achievement and serves outside of normal work hours as a varsity golf team coach and mentor for the robotics team at Obama SCTE.

Obama SCTE Golf TeamHe is also part of the district team implementing President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative, a community challenge to cities across the country to improve the outcomes for boys and men of color.

Guzman says his experiences in MPS, both as a student and employee, have shaped the person he is today.

“Because I have such a strong sense of pride for MPS, I am always trying to highlight the great things that are going on within the district.”

Photos: Right-Top: Marquez Guzman is a budget analyst in Milwaukee Public Schools; Left: Guzman with the Barack Obama SCTE Robotics team; Right-Bottom: Guzman with the Obama SCTE Golf Team.

This story is part of a series appearing during American Education Week, November 15-21, highlighting the contributions made by alumni, community partners, school-based and secretarial staff, district support staff and families to help Milwaukee Public Schools in its mission to provide successful student outcomes.


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