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Author Azouz Begag visits students at Reagan High School

French author Azouz Begag took time on March 11 to speak with students at Ronald Wilson Reagan College Preparatory High School. Begag visited with students enrolled in upper-level French language classes and discussed his career as a writer, songwriter, politician, teacher, and researcher. The event was arranged by the Coordinator of Global Education Programs at UW–Milwaukee’s Institute of World Affairs.

Begag holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Lyon, has written 20 literary books, is a scriptwriter for French film, and is a songwriter. He has served as the delegate minister for equal opportunities in France and is currently an economics/sociology researcher in the French National Center for Scientific Research. His work on immigration, race, and ethnic relations is widely published in professional journals.

Doctorat Begag was born outside of Lyon, France, and was raised in a shanty town inhabited by Algerian and Kabyle immigrant workers. He overcame poverty and social inequality within the ghetto environment to become a political champion for children who suffer the social injustices within these slums. His 1986 autobiography is considered a Franco-Maghrebi literary classic.

Begag has been awarded the National Order of Merit by the President of France and is a knight of the Legion of Honor, a merit established by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Students had opportunities to ask questions and learn about the socio-political events surrounding Begag’s childhood as well as his continued work to bring equity and justice to disadvantaged groups.

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