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"An extension of the classroom": Dr. Posley visits Recreation sites

Girls of Summer Softball"An extension of the classroom."

Those were MPS Superintendent Dr. Keith P. Posley's fitting words as he left the second of the two Milwaukee Recreation sites he visited on Thursday, July 25. This summer, Dr. Posley once again took a tour of Recreation programs, this time visiting the Express Yourself MKE studio and the Girls of Summer All-Star Softball Game at Helfaer Field next to Miller Park.

Seven sites participated in the 19th annual Girls of Summer event, including Lincoln, Fairview, German Immersion, Seifert, Mitchell, Neeskara, and Fitzsimonds. While the girls circled the bases below, Dr. Posley bounced from table to table, speaking with players, teachers, and the event sponsors.

For each of the previous four weeks, the Girls of Summer squads learned the rules of softball at their respective Milwaukee Recreation camp sites and met regularly at Wick Playfield for additional reps. The Girls of Summer tournament allows each team to spread the at-bats around equally, creating both a fun and competitive environment at the park.

After Dr. Posley took a turn at the announcer's table at Helfaer Field, his Recreation tour moved over to the Running Rebels building, where the Express Yourself MKE program has taken over the third floor. Express Yourself is a part of Milwaukee Recreation's Partnership for the Arts and Humanities internship program, which Dr. Posley aptly visited on National Intern Day.

The 12 students and staff in attendance led off the day with a creative ice breaker, and then took turns speaking about the importance of the program, the value it provides to students of different backgrounds, and how art brings the community together. The students finished off the trip with a collaborative poem that they put together, as well as an impromptu piano performance.

"It's amazing to be with young people, to see them blossom and grow through an educational experience," Dr. Posley said. "It's great to see all the wonderful things we offer for our young people and all of the [tools] that we have to make sure they are successful."

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